It is with great excitement that I announce being accepted into the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. My friend Jacques De Villiers, a professional sales trainer and motivational speaker has been urging me to join for a year now, as we have been on the speaking stage together a few times.

As many of you know I have been speaking at many events all over the world and have enjoyed the opportunity to travel that speaking and training has brought into my life.

My talks are all focused on my specialty which is digital and social media marketing. In addition to speaking I have held numerous training sessions over the past two years in 6 different countries and have trained over 450 Internet Consultants who own WSI Internet Marketing franchises.

As a mentor and trainer, I teach people key principles of Internet Marketing and how to create “virtual reality” from the business reality of today.

Professional speaking is something that has been on the top of my to do list ever since I met Technology guru Scott Klososky. I attended a number of his keynote presentations and social media bootcamps and consider him as a role model for me.

In the next couple of months I will be developing a number of keynote talks on the subject of social media and if any of my readers know of a company that would like to hear a new speaker on the block, I would appreciate the referral.

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