I just uploaded a new Squidoo Lens for myself called Francois Muscat Internet Marketing Consultant.

What is Squidoo

Squidoo is a great web tool that allows anyone to build a page (called a lens) for subjects of interest. In this case I have built the lens around myself as an Internet Marketing Consultant. Squidoo’s step-by-step process is easy to follow so that you can do the same if you’re wanting to build an online presence for your name, company, products and/or services.

Francois Muscat: Internet Marketing Consultant in South Africa

My Squidoo Lens has been optimised to promote myself as an Internet Marketing Consultant. Follow the link to go to my Squidoo Lens where you’ll find some information on:

  • Myself and my work as an Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Some of my achievements as an Internet Marketing Consultant
  • WSI Corporate Information
  • A link to my Blog with a live RSS Feed
  • Some of my YouTube videos

Here is an extract from my Squidoo Lens:

Francois Muscat is an Internet Marketing expert in South Africa. He owns his own WSI Internet Marketing franchise and is fast becoming one of the most highly-regarded Internet Marketing Consultants in the world. He has helped big and small businesses enjoy vast success on the Internet.

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