The location-based geotagging social network Foursquare announced earlier this year that it was eliminating the popular “check-in” feature and moving that feature to a new app called Swarm. The check-in feature allowed users to clock their locations at various places around the world, such as restaurants, music concerts, universities, airports and many more. It also allowed users to accumulate badges for frequent activities, so if you checked in at three airports within three months, you might receive a Jetsetter badge due to your love of travelling.

Foursquare no longer uses the check-in feature – this feature has been moved to the new app called Swarm, however this doesn’t allow users to earn new badges and many former Foursquare users are not satisfied with the changes. So now that the check-in feature has migrated to Swarm, what purpose does Foursquare serve? Foursquare is now used for reading tips about various locations around the world and you can leave tips about places you have visited. If you’re travelling to New York City for the first time, you can use Foursquare to read reviews from travellers who have been there and research potential hot spots to visit.

Geotagging programmes such as Swarm and Yelp are very popular amongst many audiences, from people who are searching for hotels in a foreign country to people who are looking for a new restaurant to try in their city. Giving your customers the opportunity to “check-in” or to leave a review about your business gives you valuable feedback and helps put you on the map. If you own a French restaurant and people are searching for cuisine similar to what you serve, seeing 35 people have checked in to your location during the past week may have a positive influence on their decision to patronise your business.

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