Designing and launching a new website can be a lot of fun, but also very nerve wracking, especially when you are new to web design. If you keep these four tips in mind, however, you will find that designing and launching your website is one of the easiest things ever.

1.   Set clear web design goals

Planning is very important and it is imperative that you have clear goals for your website. Do you want it to generate sales? Or do you just want to create an informative website with interesting information? All these questions will determine the overall design of the website and what you will need to incorporate to make it a success.

2.   Decide how much you can spend

These days it’s easy to create a website for free thanks to all the various online tools available, but there are still costs involved in marketing and hosting the website. Most companies spend thousands on marketing their website but not everyone has this kind of cash to spend. It is generally considered a safe bet to allocate about 50% of your website budget to marketing the website after it is live and the other 50% to web design and updates to the site.

3.   Create meaningful content and professionally designed graphics

It is important to remember that no matter how pretty your web design, it is the quality of the actual content that can make or break it at the end of the day. If you are not a writer then hire someone who is. There are lots of professional copywriters that specialise in writing for the web and who can keep search engine optimisation in mind while writing even the basic copy for your site. For the best images enlist the aid of a digital graphic designer to create appealing logos, banners, buttons and any other designs on your website.                               

4.   Market your website

Even after your website is live, your work isn’t over. Remember to submit your website to all the search engines and to engage in active website marketing through Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. Don’t expect your website to be a success overnight. It takes patience and perseverance to make a web design successful. Don’t be afraid to ask professional website marketers for their assistance, but be aware of so-called ‘fly-by-night’ operations that do more harm than good.

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