When designing a website, you will choose colours that are already a part of the client’s brand identity and adds to the company or organisation’s overall look and feel, such as red for Coca-Cola or yellow for McDonalds. More often than not, a limited range of colours will be used to keep the design slick and professional, as opposed to a messy burst of colours on a page.

Coming up with a range of colours to stick to can be lengthy process, so here are four free colour palette generators that you can start using today:

  1. Color Hunter uses images from Flickr to create beautiful palettes that you can use in your web design. Just search for an image tag, hex code or paste in an image URL (such as the logo you’re working with) and get access to colour palettes from thousands of images.
  2. The colour palette generator at Degraeve.com works almost the same way, except only from uploaded images. Again this is great for logos, but also works wonders for themed websites such as the ocean, with shades of teal and green, or sky diving, with shades of blue and green.
  3. Color Schemer Online allows you to click a colour and get access to a range of colours belonging in the same scheme, from neons to pastels. You can also enter in RGB values of a colour you’re working with and have the range of colours pop up instantly.
  4. Color Wizard is fantastic for finding hues, saturations and shades of any colour you can think of. It also lists the complimentary colours and split complimentary colours. This can save you from garish combinations that just don’t work.

So there you have it: four places on the web where you can sort out your colour palette in a matter of seconds. You may even spend a while just playing on these sites getting some inspiration.

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