Want to up your Facebook advertising game? Here are four strategies that you should be using:

Messenger Ads

A lot of marketers are taking advantage of Facebook’s messenger ads, but not to the full advantage that they can be used. Something to consider if you have a messenger bot on your website is to use a tool like Mobile Monkey, Chat Fuel or ManyChat to broadcast messages to them. You can also collect their information such as email addresses so that you are able to communicate with them via email as well.

Story Ads

Facebook stories are still new when compared to how long Instagram has been giving users the ability to share real-time stories, which means the costs are relatively low. There is a low cost to produce because people expect Facebook stories to be shot natively using a cell phone. If a video is too well-produced, it may look like an advertisement and lead people to scroll past it. Stories are underutilised by marketers, so take advantage of this tool.

Remarketing Videos

If someone visits a services page on your website and doesn’t fill out a form, you can retarget them. Retargeting a person is much cheaper than trying to get a new lead, so don’t forget to follow up on people who had the intent to visit a page but didn’t complete the desired action.

Competitors’ Info and Ads

Visit your competitors’ Facebook page. On the left-hand side, you will be able to click on “Info and Ads” to see the advertisements that they are running. If they run the same ad each month, then they either aren’t paying close attention to their Facebook marketing campaign or they are doing very well with that ad. Competitor pages are a great place to source ideas, so be sure you check these out often.

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