A couple of years ago, Joseph Bernoff and Charlene Li from Forrester Research introduced Social Technographics, a way to analyze your markets on social technology behaviour.

In their latest research (view below) it shows that conversationalists are busy changing the marketing landscape. They took data from 13 countries and profiled over a hundred clients in their research and have a look at their findings below.

Read full article here: http://blogs.forrester.com/

They have added a new rung to their research ladder – “Conversationalists”. The “Conversationalists reflects not only Twitter members, but also people who updates their social network statuses to converse (since this activity in Facebook is actually more prevalent than tweeting). They have only included people who update their status at least weekly, since anything less than this isn’t much of a conversation.

As social media interaction keeps on evolving, what will be next?

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