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This post is written by my colleague Patrick Hogan in Florida, USA and is pertinent to any law firm. Here is his post.

Attorneys spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars per month marketing their services on billboards, TV ads, radio ads, mass mailing, or even online pay-per-click marketing.  And, of course, by now all lawyers have the five page website showing a strong-willed lawyer with arms crossed and a scale.  But now, in an effort to gain clients in a more cost effective manner, many attorneys have found the great benefits of blogging to suit their practice very well.

What is a Blog?

Although everyone has at least heard of a blog by now, most don’t realize the multitude of way they can be used to interact with the community for marketing purposes.   At its core, a blog is simply the writer informing the world of anything they want in the form of posts which they can update as often as desired.  All people, lawyers in particular, have a knowledge base they can share with the world.  With the internet and search engines, it has never been more possible for the people who need that information to find their way to your blog.

The first questions we always get from lawyers contemplating  blog development is “how do we generate posts?”  We give them this list of possibilities at first, but eventually each finds their voice and needs no further coaching about what to write.  Here are some helpful suggestions for possible posts:

  • Make a list of anything relating to your practice
  • Share good links, framed around your comments about what you like or don’t like about the content.
  • Tell a story about a client or case
  • Share your legal experience in a way it can help potential clients
  • Find guest bloggers, or have everyone in the practice write
  • Comment on a pending law

How Can a Lawyer Benefit From a Blog?

One of the biggest reasons for a lawyer to blog is to gain search engine traffic through content marketing.  Web properties (websites, blogs, social media sites) are essentially just fishing for words, the words people type into the search box, to attract people to their site.  The more words you have on your site, the more nets you have out in the water to catch visitors.  Most of your blog posts will be directly relevant to your practice so the visitors you get to will be highly targeted.

A well written blog usually creates a better conversion from potential clients.  Even if they have never met you, you have already created a certain sense of credibility by showing them your expertise, especially if you have helped them out with a piece of information they were searching for.  A blog will almost certainly convert better than a static site.  Even potential clients you have met offline will most certainly check out your online reputation, how refreshing if they see you engaging with the community.  A blog also starts a personal connection if you let your general tone show.

Depending in the quality of your blog, how you create content, and other forms of advertising you do, attorney blogs can offer a significantly higher ROI than other medium.  The largest cost of publishing is usually your time so it is a great option for someone starting their own practice or trying to find business with limited funds.

Advice to New Attorney Bloggers

Do not think of all the types of cases you could possibly handle and start writing about each.  Use laser focus to pinpoint the type in which you specialize.  Your content will be more effective and you will find much less competition for ranking.

A good example of this is a firm we consult with in the United State who does quite a bit of personal injury cases.  Upon launching a blog, we realized the competition had been publishing a very long time so it would take months if not years to rank for terms such as “personal injury lawyer” or “injury attorney” in the Florida and Tampa area.  One of the partners in the firm has extensive training and experience with brain injury case.  We decided to focus the entire site on the keywords “florida brain injury lawyer”.  Now after only a few months, the site is ranking on the first page for many of the related keywords because they are generally competing against secondary pages on much larger and more powerful website.

The laser focus will also help with conversion because the visitor considers you an expert in the specific type of case he or she has.

Pick a domain name that has some keywords you are targeting but not necessarily one that sounds like a spammy keyword phrase.  In the case mentioned above, we chose www.floridabraininjurylaw.com.  It has some of the main keywords but still sounds like a blog title would.  “Lawyer” would have been a better keyword but we felt the domain we used carried more credibility.

Employ the help of an expert design firm to develop and market the blog.  The cost of a good design is a small percentage of the cost of your time and the possible payback so it is worth every penny to make sure it looks professional.  Also, if you write without anyone reading it, nobody will benefit from the content.  There are many things that need to be done to market your blog so that Google recognizes it and offers it to potential visitors high in the search results.  Internet marketing firms have very specialized knowledge of processes to obtain links to your site.

Thanks Patrick for a most informative post on how law firms can market their businesses online using content.

As all of my fellow WSI Internet Consultants know, blogging is a great way to increase one’s online visibility, so anyone wanting to post on our blog, just send us your post and get that valuable link back to your client’s website.

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