Flat design has slowly gained momentum over the last year – and with giants like Google and Apple embracing this web design trend, it’s gaining a momentum that isn’t likely to stop any time soon!

So what is flat web design?

This is a minimalistic look that lacks the usual effects web designers put in, in order to make icons, logos and images more realistic – like drop shadows, gradients, textures and so on. The colours are usually bright, but not bold or in your face, making these designs very approachable and friendly. These designs suit the trend towards retro looks very well and are often reminiscent of the look of art deco travel posters. There’s a lot of emphasis on white space, on telling the story simply using a few lines of text and on bringing back sharp lines and shapes.

The result of this is that sites look clean, approachable and eye-catching – interesting without being busy and eye-catching without being overwhelming. Combined with retina technology – such as that used in the newer iPhones and iPads – this web design technique looks especially high quality and professional.

More advantages of flat web design: 

Flat web design isn’t just a trendy option that’s been embraced by large corporations – it’s also a trend that is bringing consumers exactly what they want to see. With simple design at it’s core delivering high-quality results, this web design trend gives users an easy-to-use interface where they can find what they want as quickly as possible.

This makes flat web design something that’s appropriate for any company in any industry – whether you are showcasing your work or selling products and services – and is also something that will stay with us far into the future, making it a long-term investment that will drive our company’s online success.

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