Your online sales are greatly influenced by the design you have for your online storefront. The slightest change or shift in the storefront design has the possibility of either improving or harming your conversion rates. The best strategy to increase your sales is through web development techniques that increase your visibility.

For purposes of increasing your conversion rates consider applying these web development techniques:

  1. Increasing the visibility of the shopping cart

Customers need peace of mind whenever they add items to their cart, knowing whether or not the items they added to the cart were registered. Therefore, it is imperative for you to set aside a section on your website that lists items in the cart at all times. This means you are supposed to:

  • Ensure you also provide the necessary check-out information.
  • Make sure your customers have an easy time checking out.
  • Have a link that takes the customer back to your check-out page.
  1. Optimising on “add-to-cart” buttons

Site customers as well as visitors will respond differently to action calls. For example, buttons that state “add to cart” or “more details” tend to put off customers, compared to specific buttons such as “buy now,” as they are a direct and specific call to action with the ability to elicit positive responses.

Be careful with the colours selected for your website. Green and blue are deemed as gentle colours that attract people while red and orange put them off.

  1. Clean the product pages up

The manner in which you organise pages on your website is important as well. You should make sure you do this in a manner that appeals to your website visitors. As such, be certain to:

  • Provide product images.
  • Include product name.
  • Add a description of the product.
  • Add the price of the product.
  1. Clarify navigation paths

Having menus or elements that are hidden on your website can be cause for shopper frustration. Consider having fly-out menus in order to keep your pages clearly visible. Shoppers will find it easier to use your website if, for instance, you provide a “continue shopping” button that makes it easy for them to navigate back.

  1. Get rid of distractions on the check-out page

Ridding your website of left sidebar navigations is an ideal way to get rid of interferences. This means you should:

  • Ignore your urge of continuing to sell through your check-out process.
  • Consider having a single page check-out as it records high conversion rates.

Your website should also have a page which allows your customers to complete their billing, credit and shipping information.

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