Everyone wants more subscribers, right? But when it comes to sales, it’s not just numbers you need, it’s the loyal subscribers you want – the ones who share your content, the one who buy your products and recommend them to others. So how do you go about finding more of the dependable subscribers?

According to brand and advertising surveys, over 90% of people trust and prefer word-of-mouth recommendations over any other form of marketing. This is quite a big deal, meaning you have to get your current subscribers to refer you to their contacts. Meaning you have to keep them happy, engaged and keen to help. Hmm, so why not just ask? Once you have a new subscriber who has signed up for your freebie, special offer or free download, follow it up with an email asking them to share it. If your offering was a good one in the first place, most people would be happy to spread the word.

Another tactic is to have more than one opt-in button. While you don’t want your email or landing page to look like the Vegas strip at night, having more than one button will increase your chances of getting more subscribers who might be speed-reading and missed the one at the top. Placing opt-in on various pages of your website can also increase your subscription – especially on your About Us page. This is one of the most frequently visited pages on a website, so if people like what they read about you, make it an easy step for them to follow you.

Using quirky or clever lines from your blog in a tweet is an easy way to get more shares – each time you write a piece, choose a snippet or two and tweet them, just make sure you include a link back to your original blog. If you use plugins, tweets couldn’t be easier, as you just select the phrase or sentence you want and create a tweet out of it.

Use your influencers to help you – reaching out to key influencers in your industry that you follow can be the kick start you need. If you have mentioned your influencer or refer back to something they’ve posted, let them know and they could share your blog with their entire community, which is a lot bigger than yours.

Don’t overlook the power of your social media profiles – instead of just putting a link in your Facebook profile, use the About section to mention your free download, special offer or discount. That way people will get to it and your opt-in quicker.

For more on building a solid email marketing subscriber list and any other digital marketing service you are interested in learning more about, contact us. We’d love to help you implement these tips and many more to boost your business.

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