The basic technique for lead generation is simple – you place an offer of sorts behind a form on a landing page and then promote it excessively through your social media channels, your blog and through email marketing. People check it out, fill out the form, get the offer and become a lead. A piece of cake, right? But then the use of mobiles as the preferred medium for internet usage happened, which makes things less straightforward. So you need to change your lead generation tactics slightly, because of the way people behave on their mobile phone – but it’s not that big a deal – you don’t necessarily need to create new content for the mobile market; you can use what you already have and just tweak it slightly.

When looking at what to tweak, you should consider the following 5 tactics:

  1. Use progressive profiling forms

One of the frustrations of filling out forms on a mobile device is that the fields are too small, leading to mis-clicks. The forms are also often too long, so users give up and turn to a competitor with shorter forms. Progressive profiling allows you to replace form fields that have already been filled in the next time a user visits your website. That way, you can have more space for the information you do need them to fill out and make your form shorter. By hosting progressive forms on your website content, you optimise your mobile presence for higher conversions.

  1. Provide mobile only discounts and promotions

Using promo codes, customer loyalty discounts or on-location specials encourage customer interaction. Placing a sign in-store offering something for free in return for a Facebook page ‘Like’ gets people digging out their mobiles on the spot, creating a loyal customer base that can be nurtured by a social media team.

  1. Create simple CTAs

Mobile screens are quite different to desktop or tablets, so you need to make CTA buttons that are clear with easy-to-read text, yet not that large they are distracting.

  1. Optimise your content

People often use their mobiles when killing time or standing in a queue – generally a short period of time. When writing for mobile, make sure you put your links for lead generation at the start of the text. Keep the content clear, leaving out filler words and fluff. Make your headlines bold, catchy and short (i.e. tweetable). Lists and bullet points are often easier to read than paragraphs.

  1. Make your phone number clickable

Get people to the point of conversion more quickly by making it easy for them to contact you. Having a clickable number eliminates the need to copy and paste or memorise numbers. People using their mobiles are more action-oriented than those on desktops, so it’s important to take advantage of this.

Generating leads through mobile is a relatively new marketing space; one that’s not that difficult to implement. For more on mobile marketing strategy, contact us – we have some pretty good ideas to get your business pulling in new leads.

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