Romance is in the air with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. This is a busy time on the retail front, with flower and chocolate sales booming and restaurants around the country fully booked as couples anticipate a celebratory evening together. Yet, even those businesses that do not offer romantic products can still enjoy the benefits of Valentine’s Day. At WSI OMS, we believe in the efficacy of digital marketing solutions, with its vast customer reach and ability to allow communication that is both inexpensive and interactive.

This Valentine’s Day, why not embrace the digital marketing revolution and craft an unforgettable campaign? In seeking to inspire you, here are just a few tips courtesy of WSI OMS:

  • Create a Valentine’s Day offer. Whether this is a discount on orders placed on the day or a free gift with certain purchases, special offers on Valentine’s Day can boost your brand’s reputation and gain customer loyalty.
  • Incorporate the idea of love into your product offerings by presenting your goods creatively in your website design, such as including the colour red or a heart shape in your displays.
  • Run a competition. Competitions are the ideal way to garner support for your brand, where employing social media marketing tactics permits your brand ample exposure.
  • Send gifts to loved ones. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show love in a tangible way and, bearing this in mind, special offers can be presented via social media and email campaigns to bolster sales and share the love.
  • Show your love. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and, in this spirit, social campaigns to demonstrate societal love could enhance customer loyalty, such as online engagement with charities and non-profit organisations.

As a digital marketing specialist, WSI OMS will take care of all your communication needs, from social media to search engine optimisation to website design and link building. Contact WSI OMS today and enjoy the fruits of a comprehensive and successful marketing strategy this Valentine’s Day.