The design, layout and content of your website can directly affect the success of your online marketing campaign. A website that is poorly designed can result in communication issues, a poor business image and the loss of potential sales. Below are five top tips for ensuring your website features a design which is simple and effective:

  • Give your website purpose – make sure your design caters to the browser’s needs. Each page of your website must have a dedicated purpose such as to provide information, complete transactions, communicate or entertain and so on.
  • Clear communication – the nature of online consumers is to spend as little time as possible doing as much as possible. As such, the information they require must be quick and easy to obtain and extremely easy to see and digest. Some suggestions to help communication include:
  1. Set information out with clear headings and sub headings.
  2. Cut out long winded sentences and paragraphs and use lists or bulleted points.
  3. Forget about the frills of “advertising talk”. Make the information needed readily available and as concise as possible. If you want to provide lengthy information or advice, keep this for your blog or articles section.
  • Keep your font simple – yes, decorative fonts are impressive, but they can also be distracting and difficult to read. The ideal font size is typically 16px online. Try to keep your typography standard throughout your website to create a neat and organised appeal.
  • Make it mobile friendly – majority of online users these days use their mobile devices to access the internet. If your website is not designed to display correctly on a mobile device, the experience can become cumbersome and frustrating for the user and you will lose browsers. Ensure your website design team makes your website mobile-friendly.
  • Navigation is vitally important as it determines how easy it will be for a browser to gather information and find their way around your site. Some recommendations for simple and effective website navigation design include:
  1. Include a logical page hierarchy.
  2. Incorporate clickable buttons.
  3. Label buttons and categories clearly.

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