Are you interested in advancing your business by adding persuasive and well-written copy? Here are the five ultimate subtle techniques which can dramatically enhance the quality of your copywriting:

  1. Using Open Loops

The Zeigarnik effect is the phenomenon in which our brains naturally desire completion. A practical example would be a TV show that you simply cannot stop watching or a book you find hard to put down. Open loops prey on the fact that we desire completion and can greatly assist your copywriting. It works by delivering a message that does not tie up immediately and therefore requires the reader to continue reading to achieve completion.

Use open loops to seduce your prospect and make your copy more magnetic. Creating curiosity is key.

  1. Compelling First Sentence

Your first sentence is what will determine whether your readers are invested enough to continue reading your copy. Shortening your sentences is a first-rate way to make your copy more engaging. Short, compelling sentences will keep your readers engaged and interested in the rest of the information your content presents.

  1. Use Power Verbs

The idea is to use words that paint a picture for your readers to enjoy and fully comprehend the copy you have written. Power verbs will allow your readers to engage their senses and emotions, making your copy a powerful one. Adjectives and limp words will not lend flavour to your copy and will therefore make it a futile read.

  1. AIDA Formula

Exceptional copywriting should adhere to the AIDA formula which pays attention to the following principles:

  • Attention – Create attention with a heading that cannot be left unread.
  • Interest – Create interest by expanding on the attention-seeking heading.
  • Desire – Generally with a bullet point list that defines all the interesting benefits of your product/service.
  • Action – Copywriting should ultimately lead to your readers taking action and investing time/money into your product or service.
  1. Reframing

Reframing is a persuasive power technique studied by psychologists Davis and Knowles, which shows the impact it can have on copywriting. It is the act of taking information and reframing the actual information to make it appear more appealing to your audience.

Applying the above techniques to your copywriting will result in more persuasive and compelling copy. This ultimately benefits your business and allows for growth.

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