Factoring services for oil and gas companies 

If you own an oil and gas company in North America, then you will know that this region is currently experiencing a surge in production. Thanks to new oil drilling technologies, energy legislation and alternative funding models, more companies are able to capitalize on this production boom and take their oil and gas companies to the next level.

The problem that many oil and gas companies experience, however, is ensuring that they have a steady cash flow in order to fund costly expenses that are part and parcel of the oil industry. Whether you need to fund crane hire, rigs, water haulers, or any other piece of equipment, you will know that suppliers require cash. This can be difficult if you’re waiting more than 30, 60, or 90 days to receive payments from your clients.

At Charter Capital, we offer a range of oil and gas factoring solutions that have been tailored for the oil and gas industry. When you partner with us, we will pay your accounts receivable upfront so that you can fund everything from environmental cleanups, pressure washing, and inspection services to rigs and roughnecks. Get an instant invoice factoring quote today.

About Charter Capital

At Charter Capital, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their full potential. As one of the most well-known factoring companies in Texas, we understand the challenges that oil and gas companies face. Our principals have been providing specialized financial solutions to small businesses everywhere since the late 1980s banking crisis that stifled traditional lending, and have served as the financial backbone for thousands of companies.

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