Factoring services for consultants

All types of consulting companies need to rely on revenue in order to keep their doors open and expand their businesses. Traditionally, many consultants would need to incur debt from a bank loan in order to meet payroll, pay suppliers and fund marketing activities. Today, this solution is less than ideal because not only are bank loans harder to obtain, but it’s the number one source of debt for consulting companies.

As a consultant, you may often need to wait a long time in order to get paid by a client. Many consultants have a strong pipeline of accounts receivable but will only get paid once their services have been delivered. Instead of adding strain to your business by waiting weeks or months for payment, you can partner with Charter Capital for factoring services where we buy your accounts receivable upfront. Get an instant factoring quote today.

About Charter Capital 

At Charter Capital, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their full potential. As one of the most well-known factoring companies in Texas, we understand the challenges that consulting firms face. Our principals have been providing specialized financial solutions to small businesses everywhere since the late 1980s banking crisis that stifled traditional lending, and have served as the financial backbone for thousands of companies.

Charter Capital provides lending alternatives, namely invoice factoring, to a wide range of industries. Get in touch with us to learn more about factoring for consulting firms.




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