Facebook is known to constantly improve their channel due to the high volume of traffic that they get on their platform.  New changes has been announced last week where they introduced a “Timeline” connected to member profiles.  Most of the changes are implemented without you even knowing about it and when looking back on how it was before, can’t think how you survived without the changes.

With the most recent changes that they have made, members will find that Facebook is upgrading an old feature of theirs in a new way.  These changes involves the automatic updating of the friend lists found on your profile to save you time by organizing your friends so you can filter the stories you see in the news feed or post an update to specific groups of people (Close Friends, Acquaintances, Restricted).

These lists that Facebook has implemented have been specifically designed to group your “contacts” into specific groups on Facebook.  You might have noticed the rush where people have updated their workplaces, educations, locations and adding more to the “About me” section of their profile.  These smart lists also uses areas on working out who is still around a specific area you are residing in based on what they have been publishing and saying on their own pages.

Benefits of the smart lists on Facebook

The benefits of the smart list update on Facebook is that these lists are saving you time by automatically suggesting friends for each of the three lists and grouping these automatically for you. Google Plus and Facebook have been showing similar patters on their channels over the last few months and the smart lists of Facebook is criticised by many for being very similar to how Google Plus Circles works. With the competition very high between these two giants, it all seems to me to be a healthy competition than a battle.

In addition to the Facebook smart lists, the “Acquaintances” lists has suggestions instead of direct grouping.  This allows the user a more hands on approach in deciding who they want to share content with.  This type management makes it easier for what content you want to make available for others on your own Facebook profile. The suggestions that Facebook provides are generated by information compiled by how much you engage with the suggested people on Facebook.

Privacy settings

The new “smart friend lists” follows the recently updates of their privacy settings.  It is now very easy to limit the content that you share on the network and who can access your profile.  The “Work Friends” smart list is very much on how a LinkedIn profile is made up of, only sharing your information with potential employers.

These new changes by Facebook encourage users to use the biggest social network for its full potential.  What do you think about this new feature on Facebook?

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