Since the launch of the Facebook Timeline a few months ago, rumors have been spreading like wildfire around this new change. The Facebook Timeline is the latest profile persona of this social networking giant. When you update your profile to the timeline, your personal profile page can turn into a miniature time machine where you can access previous events in your life either by browsing your timeline or by clicking the year you want to view.

On 24 January 2012, Facebook announced that everyone that hasn’t changed their profile to the latest Facebook Timeline, have a few days to clean up their profiles before they are going to activate it for everyone. This includes everyone, even if you haven’t used Facebook in a long time.

If there are certain events or updates that you are not proud of to be publicly available to anyone, now is the time to delete those things, even if the Facebook Timeline has already be activated for you. Because this new feature on Facebook can make someone access all the old information about you, start cleaning up those not so proud moments that you have on your profile that can be seen by the public.

Here’s a couple of tips you can do when the new Facebook Timeline has been activated for you.

Facebook Timeline tips

  • Change your privacy settings on your profile to control who can access your individual and personal updates.
  • Change the dates of your posts to match the date on your timeline.
  • Delete all the unwanted items that you are not proud of.
Facebook is growing bigger everyday and is expected to cross the 1 billion mark this year. Any changes that this social networking giant make on your profile to impact how others are viewing you is important. Log in to your Facebook profile and start adding these changes so that you are not caught of guard by that nasty update that is public.
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