Facebook has become one of, if not the greatest social networking site in the world. Social media marketing strategies which do not take this into account and take full advantage of its opportunities are missing out. There are a bunch of different things you can do if you plan on including Facebook into your marketing strategy.

These are the top ways to use Facebook to market your small business:

  • Facebook Pages: The first thing you need to do is create a customised Facebook page where people can ‘Like’ your page. Whenever you post an update, your news will appear in their timelines. This new feature allows control over the content of business updates you want your fans to be able to view. You can gain visibility and boost your fan numbers by offering a special discount or deal linked to your business website. This ‘page’ is specifically useful for developing a brand and network within the Facebook community.
  • Facebook Plugins for your website: these Facebook ‘plugins’ are social media marketing applications that let you see what your friends or fans have ‘liked’, commented on or shared from sites across the web. You can add these plugins to your business website, allowing people to ‘like’ an article or blog post on your website and share it with friends on Facebook. This is essential the new-age ‘word-of-mouse’ advertising. Some of the most popular Facebook plugins are the ‘Like’ Button, Live Stream, Facepile and the Activity Feed.
  • Facebook Places: This is an add-on application for Facebook used on mobile devices. It allows Facebook users to ‘check in’ to specific places, notifying their friends where they are and what they are doing. Importantly this application also provides a plug for the business or location the Facebook user is checking into. Therefore when customers ‘check in’ to your business location, you are essentially getting advertising on your customers’ Facebook pages. A great social media marketing tool is to offer an incentive for your fans to ‘check in’ to your business location on Facebook Places.
  • Facebook Analytics: the “Insights for Websites” tool makes it easy to see who likes the content you post, who is sharing the content and how many impressions you made during any specific week or month.

Taking advantage of all the great tools listed above can only boost and enhance your social media marketing strategies.

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