Of all the social media platforms, Facebook has probably been the most effective at establishing a connection between consumers and brands. Despite this a lot of companies haven’t really figured out how to successfully market themselves using this medium. This is probably because they don’t know what is possible and how to do it.

Here then are a few tips to ensure your company makes the most of this social media platform:

  1. Invest in Facebook advertising. It doesn’t cost much and is very target specific. This will drive traffic to your page and by extension, to your campaign.
  2.  Don’t post too often. Yes, you heard right. There is such a thing as posting too often. Keep updates between 1-3 times a day. Also keep a close eye on your page metrics. Only update your status when Likes and Comments have come to a halt.
  3. Don’t post irrelevant or off topic content. Stick to who you are and what you know. Don’t get involved in conversations that have nothing to do with you or the product or service you are selling.
  4. Respond to your followers’ posts. Studies have shown that as much as 80% of people who receive responses to their posts go on to making a buying decision. Most companies take between 13 to 22 hours to respond, whereas people expect to be responded to in no more than 30 minutes on any social media platform.
  5. Invest in trained staff. The people you put in charge of communicating on behalf of your company on this platform should be properly trained and should be able to respond accurately, courteously and promptly. You want the people who do this to embody the character of brand.

For more info on how to properly promote your company on social media platforms visit WSI.

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