If you are an avid Facebook user, you might have noticed all the changes they are doing lately. Although there are so many, I’m sure you all are experts on the Facebook Timeline by now. In 2010, Facebook introduced members to check-in features on their network, which were and in some way very similar to other checkin networks such as Foursquare.

Every time that someone checks into a business on Facebook, the total checkins for that business on Facebook goes up on their Fan Page. Maybe you are one of them, but many loyal “fans” uses this feature on a regular basis when they visit some of their favorite places, but are they doing this too often?

When people started checking multiple times (daily) at each business, Facebook decided that each subsequent return after the first should not be considered as unique. So, in an effort to increase the effectiveness and accuracy of Facebook checkins, Facebook is planning to implement a couple of changes to their system, and according to the social networking giant, this will happen in the next few weeks.

Facebook changes

The biggest change to the checkin platform is that multiple checkins will no longer be counted as separate visits if they occur within 12 hours of the first visit. Facebook will also be more accurate in counting the photo checkins, combining and then integrating all the photos from the same location into just 1 checkin. However, any other individuals that are tagged in these photos will still count as an additional checkin.

Will this change affect your business?

I believe most businesses will not lose their current number of checkins that they have accumalated, but even loyal patrons will not visit twice every 12 hours. Technically, when someones eats dinner at their favourite restaurant round about 8:00PM, and then goes back the next morning at 7:00AM for breakfast, their visits should “technically” not be considered as duplicate.

During the next few weeks, watch how these changes are going into affect.

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