As a business owner, you have to not only focus on your digital marketing and conversion goals but also on the challenges that you will face. Ad blocking has become mainstream and experts predict that it will be costing publishers millions from 2016. So what can you do to overcome the challenges that ad blockers pose?

Consider different types of ads 

Not all internet users make use of ad blockers, so it’s not like your current strategy will be go to waste because it’s blocked by the masses. It is, however, worth your while to consider other channels where ad blockers aren’t so common. Native ads and mobile app ads are known for being less impacted by ad blockers.

Creative targeting and relevance is key 

If you want to ensure that your ideal customers aren’t blocking your ads, then you need to create ads that are highly targeted, interesting and very relevant to them. The added benefit of this is that this type of strategizing will lead to more conversions and less waste in your online ad expenditures.

Focus on the user experience

A few unwanted ads can lead to users blocking your ad, so you need to focus on the entire user experience. How quickly are your pages loading? How are your ads hurting the experience of the user? All of these things need to be considered going forward.

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