Google’s featured snippets are a massive talking point within the online marketing community at the moment – and there is no doubt as to why! They provide marketers with an amazing opportunity to get their content featured and, as a result, to generate more clicks to their website. Here is what you need to know about this relatively recent search engine revelation, and how best to use it to your advantage.

Google Featured Snippets and Traffic to Your Website 

The question on most online marketing experts’ lips is not whether or not Google featured snippets help to generate more traffic to a website. But, rather, how much traffic they’re able to generate. According to, a website that scores a Google featured snippet can expect to enjoy a resultant 20 – 30% boost in traffic.

  • What Triggers Google Featured Snippets to Appear? 

Most marketers assume that it is only question-based Google search queries that trigger the appearance of featured snippets. However, that is not the case. Research has shown that long-tail queries increase the chances of featured snippets appearing, and that they tend to pop up in non-question-based queries just as often.

  • How Do You Get Your Website’s Content Featured? 

Unfortunately, there is no quick SEO fix or code that can help you to score a Google featured snippet. The best way in which to make it happen is to keep creating original, high-quality content as part of a detailed content marketing strategy. Try to think about the type of information that your target market may be searching for, and tailor your content around this. You can also increase your chances of being featured by putting a targeted query in a <h2> subheading, followed by a concise answer. Long-form content is also favoured by Google, so don’t be afraid to elaborate further down on the page!

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