“Most corporate blogs are ghost towns, in terms of both content and reader engagement,” writes Jamie MacLeod from WSI, “Abandoned blogs litter the web, making the businesses that own them look lazy, uncommitted and anything but current.” A well-executed blog sets your content marketing apart from the competition—and will enhance your lead-generation efforts. To get the best results, Macleod has the following advice:

Set up a manageable publication schedule

Don’t post at breakneck speed when you first launch, only to slow down once your initial passion or interest wears off. Rather, maintain a steady pace with a consistent number of posts per week. “Like any good publisher, you’ll need an editorial calendar,” he says. “Plan three months in advance, but realise that you’ll also need the flexibility to blog about business-relevant hot topics as they come up.”

Vet your sources

You might accept contributions from a variety of sources with a variety of voices and a variety of expertise —but posts should conform to general standards of quality and tone. It’s OK to reject submissions that don’t fit. “Establish official content guidelines and an approval process that your employees can reference during content creation,” notes Macleod, “and use this to inform and explain your approval decisions.”

Edit your content

Sloppy typos undermine your credibility, so make copyediting an important part of the publication process. “Microsoft Word or another word processer should be used until the post is ready to go up,” he says. “Not only do you then have backup copies, but Word’s editing features are more robust than those of Word Press and most other platforms.”

The Point

Blogs have become serious business—and though they’re still less formal than many content-marketing channels, they still need your careful and consistent attention.

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