A key challenge to any business operating online today is how to engage customers.  This is very important for small and large companies to build their presence and brand online.

Conversations are an excellent way for businesses to engage customers and with a business blog it is possible.

A typical static website is more like making an announcement where your blog is about engaging with customers and future prospects.

Blog marketing is quite different

Blogging is all about talking to your audience and allowing them to respond by talking back to you.  Listening and learning is a key aspect of blogging. This affects what you might say in your next blog topic. The idea with blogging is to constantly engage with your audience to create relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Comment, Comment, Comment

Always visit and actively comment on other related blogs in the same industry and niche as yours.  By actively engaging with bloggers on key business topics can build you a strong following. This can also help you understand your audience’s point of view (perspective) that is related to what they are looking for and the answers that they are seeking.

Conversation is king!

Traditional marketing is quite different from conversational marketing. The idea with conversational marketing is to create and improve understanding. It is really not at all about merely delivering a sales message. It is about listening and talking, not about making announcements.

Focus on the benefits

Customers always wants to know what you can do for them and how it will impact them currently. How will your products or services benefit them? Many business owners and managers have difficulty in distinguishing the features from the benefits.  Your communication should focus on the benefits that you offer.

View point

In online marketing it is always important to look at the customer experience from an emotional point of view. What frustrates them? What interests them? What are they looking for? By designing a great customer experience from an emotional point of view can have dramatic improvement on your revenue.

Business blog marketing is a great way to engage with your customers.  It can also help you brand yourself as the expert in your industry and niche.

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