Email marketing can be highly successful for any business, but how do you really measure the success of your campaign? Of course you can ensure that your online marketing efforts are completely customized and optimized, but it is only the actual analysis of your data can reveal which areas of your campaign are really working for you and which areas aren’t.

There are various email metrics that will affect the success of your campaign and with so much data available to you, it is best to know which email metrics are the most important to focus on. Below are 4 top email metrics to focus on:

  • Conversion rate – what is considered a conversion, will vary from campaign to campaign depending on the objective of the email sent out. Make use of a third party to track your conversion rates effectively such as Google Analytics.
  • Subscriber retention rate – this is a percentage of subscribe and unsubscribe orders that your campaign receives. A simple formula that you can use to calculate this rate is: the number of subscribers – bounce backs – unsubscribes or the number of subscribers. It is important to have a healthy list in order to boost your online campaigns.
  • Email engagement – it is not enough for your recipient to just receive an email from you or just to open it. The objective is to have them click through after opening the email. Leading analytics software can actually tell you which emails were opened and how the recipient behaved thereafter. Did they glance over the email or spend a great deal of time reading it? Did they click through to find out more or did they make contact with the company? These are important elements to your campaign.
  • Subscriber action rate – knowing how and when your subscribers open and respond to your emails is quite important. Running analytics to determine that time of the day your emails are opened and the types of actions people take depending on when they receive your email marketing can be quite beneficial to future campaigns.

Effective Email Marketing Techniques at WSI

If you are looking for ways to boost your online marketing campaign, email marketing is certainly the answer. At WSI we offer professional online marketing, email marketing and related services to companies big and small.

To learn more about our email marketing services and how to understand the email metrics to focus on for email marketing success, contact us at WSI today.

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