When it comes to email marketing, it can be easy to forget that your readers are real people and as such, your relationship with them should be real too. It’s not all just about data. Your emails and online communications and marketing efforts should be able to develop an emotional connection with your consumers while responding to a need and adding value at the same time. Your welcome email is the very first opportunity that you will get to ensure that your consumer knows that they aren’t wasting their time and that you are in fact there for them, with solutions to their problems or needs.

Welcome emails present marketers with a valuable conversion opportunity and if you do it right, you can expect for such an email to generate up to three times more than any other time of marketing email. Below are a few ways in which you can ensure you are creating better and more effective welcome emails:

  • Make a human or emotional connection from the start. Consumers like to feel special and personalizing your emails to offer a human element can do that. Instead of sending out generic emails, make sure that your communications with recipients are customized.
  • Don’t go overboard on content text. Your welcome email should be bold and informative without bombarding your new client with too much information. It’s human nature to skim through these emails anyway. Offer your reader clear options of actions.
  • Offer something of value for free. Now you don’t have to do this, but it’s a great way to make your new customer feel appreciated and spoiled. Once they get a taste of what your services and products have to offer, surely they will be hooked! Everyone loves free stuff – don’t you?
  • Keep it casual. Digital marketing is all about making sales, but don’t get too serious about making the first sale. It’s important, but you don’t want to make your reader feel pushed into it. Keep it light and casual and offer them a few options. Let them think about what they want – the choice is essentially theirs.
  • Remind them why they are receiving your welcome email in the first place. For a consumer to receive a welcome email, they obviously elected to join your service or were interested in what you have to offer. Ensure that your welcome email provides a concise reminder of what they can do once they are a client / member / subscriber. Give them something to look forward to.
  • Test the system. Not all email marketing campaigns are the same! In fact, not every welcome email will work for every consumer and this is why it’s important to try a few versions of your welcome email. Once you find something that works – this will take some testing, trial and error – stick with it and build on it.

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