Using LinkedIn as part of your company’s marketing strategy exposes you to a massive potential audience, with it being the third most popular social networking site after Twitter and Facebook. Visitors to LinkedIn range from individuals to leaders of business, across every industry you can imagine.

Here are some ways you can reach and engage with your audience, using LinkedIn:

  1. Use your company page effectively

Make sure your company page on LinkedIn is representing your company in the best way possible. Make sure all the relevant information is included, in a clear and concise way. Include your logo and a banner image to reinforce the visuals and maintain your page if any details change. You can look at other company pages for inspiration to see what appeals to you.

  1. Show off your products or services

Develop Showcase Pages, which branch out from your company page, to direct users to your offering.

  1. Create your own LinkedIn groups

Start your own groups and join other groups in your industry, to establish a relationship with your peers, as well as establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Keep people in your groups engaged by sending LinkedIn announcements, which go directly into their inboxes.

  1. Boost your company’s SEO

Just like your website, your company page should be optimised for SEO. With well over 350 million members, LinkedIn is an exceptional place for developing B2B leads and other connections. Include your title with your name, e.g. Jack White, Song Writer and Musician. Use targeted keywords in your professional headline, e.g. Award-winning Graphic Designer. Include keywords in your summary, your experience, your skills and your interests.

  1. Publish your content in Pulse

LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Pulse, is a great place to promote your content as well as being a good place to read other people’s industry specific content.

  1. Use analytics for publishing

LinkedIn’s analytics can show you who is reading your content, so you can target and engage with people who are already interested in your company.

  1. Use Advanced Search to find your prospects

LinkedIn’s advanced people search gives you the perfect way to identify the exact type of people you are targeting. Add filters to make the search more specific, such as location, industry, current company, past company etc.

  1. Promote your page

This can be easily done, by motivating your employees to add the company profile to their personal LinkedIn profiles, or by placing LinkedIn’s Follow Company button on your website. Get the word out about your company page through links placed on your blogs or newsletters.

LinkedIn offers a wealth of information and many potential leads, so if you’re still unsure of how to make it work for your business, contact us. We can assist in your social media strategy to get you connected and your company noticed.

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