When it comes to email marketing, if there were only two things you could include in your message, they should be the subject line and the call to action. So what’s the secret to creating a call to action that will really work? Here are eight tips to create an enticing call to action in your next email marketing campaign.

  1. Keep the Call to Action short and sweet

Anything more than 5 words is too long. If it’s not clear and compelling, it won’t work.

  1. Tell your readers what to do

Anything that makes a Call to Action easier to use is a win. Using a verb as the first word in your CTA clearly sends a message of what your reader should do, e.g. Look inside, Add to wish list, Get it here, Shop now.

  1. Give your readers a reason

Make sure the content that is directly related to the CTA is self-explanatory and clearly shows the benefit of taking the action.

  1. Use the word NOW

While ‘today’ used to be the buzz word for CTAs, like Sign up today, Call us today; the word ‘now’ is even clearer. Everyone is in a hurry with little time to waste, so this word produces more results than others. Amazon uses the word ‘now’ in 3 out of 10 of its calls to action on their product page.

  1. Limit yourself to one Call to Action

While it may be tempting to litter your email with flashy, bright CTA buttons, one clear one at the top of your page is all you need. If you need proof, run a test and compare the results between the same email with varying numbers of CTAs.

  1. Make your Call to Action prominent

It needs to be the first or second thing you notice on a page, more visible than the image or the headline. Using colour helps, as well as making it big enough. It should be big enough to make it easy for mobile users to click on – no smaller than 50 x 50 pixels. Also, placing it at the top of your email is more successful, as some people don’t bother to read the complete email or even scroll down to the end.

  1. Test it

Almost every email provider offers A/B split testing, so use it. Prove to yourself what works better and implement it in your next email marketing strategy.

  1. Make sure your CTA appears even if a subscriber has their images turned off. Simple CSS or HTML mark-up is the best way to get this sorted – your coded buttons will look as good as an image. This design quick fix has been known to increase response rates by more than 20%! HTML buttons are also quicker to load and won’t vanish if an image server goes down.

For more on email marketing and its benefits, contact us now! (LOL) Seriously, we’re experienced in offering a complete email marketing solution for your business.

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