There is no denying that a copywriting expert can do a lot for your company. Well-written and grammatically correct web copy and blogs will not only make you come across as professional, but will also be enjoyable to read, thereby giving your call to action a much better chance of hitting home and increasing your conversion rates.

However, what exactly are the basic elements of effective blog-and-web copy? The elements that professional copywriters like WSI OMS ensure are present in every piece of writing that is commissioned from them? Well, read on and find out.

The most important aspect of effective copy in this respect is that it conveys information to the target audience in question in an appropriate and engaging manner. To do this, you need an in-depth understanding of the people you are talking to, and if the target audience covers multiple age groups or a multitude of different cultures (which is often the case), you have to find a voice that will speak to all of them – a voice that will get the point across without offending anyone.

The tone has to be conversational and the reader must be addressed on a personal level. Good blog-and-web copy also doesn’t aggressively advertise a company or product but rather persuades the reader into seriously considering doing business with the company in question because it will be to his or her benefit.

Lastly, effective copy for these formats has been Search Engine Optimised. This means that the key phrases most commonly used by the target audience to search for the product online have been identified by the copywriter and incorporated into the copy, so ensuring that the site or blog will have a high Google ranking. (Simply put, when the key phrase is typed in by someone doing a search, the site or blog will appear close to the top of the result list.)

These are the basic elements. To ensure they are met contact us, because we know copywriting.

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