On Wednesday I had a lot of fun even though I was as sick as dog with flu.

WSI were the anchorĀ  presenters at the conference which we customised for the the Dynamic Vision Optometrists. There were just over 200 optometrists, channel partners and suppliers in attendance at Summer Place in Sandton.

The start was delayed to a huge thunderstorm and the start of our cold weather. Traffic came to a standstill, traffic lights stopped working and it was just chaos. I travel a bit and one city that amazes me is Toronto. I have been there when it is -27C and snowing a blizzard and the traffic carries on and even more suprising so do the airlines.

We had an actioned packed agenda, Jacques De Villiers a good friend of mine was the Master of ceromonies and his presentation on ‘Selling Face to Face in a Digital World” was really good. A while back over coffee we were talking and between us we came up with this title. Well he beat me to it with a great presentation.

Selling Face to Face in a Digital World

I followed with 3 presentations:

1) Social Technology: What is it? – I start off with this presentation at most conferences to get everyone on the same wavelength and terminology when they talk about social media. Otherwise there is confusion and people think that Facebook & Twitter are social media. I cover the main issues in Social Technology as in this slide.

What is social tech?

2) How Technology changes the workplace? – here I cover the many types of social technologies that have changed the way business is conducted. We cover web properties (websites & blogs), Social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and Mobile & Location based marketing with mobile websites & the likes of Foursquare

3) How to use Social Technologies in your Optometry Business? – This was the afternoon session so I had loaded up with some great video examples and a very funny episode of the Two Ronnies on Optometry. The message that I emphasised the most was on Online Reputation Management as with the proliferation of rating sites coming on the Internet, all service providers and professionals will be rated one day. So its best to be prepared now and put ypur toe in social media and that starts with creating a professional online profile so that your are presented in a favourable and professional way when someone Google’s your name.

The day ended up with a great humourist and entertainer Gavin Sharples. This guy is just brilliant and I was glad that I spoke before him because I can’t follow his act.

A great day by all and I look forward to delivering a one-hour webinar this Wednesday to the Dynamic Vision Group of Optometrists.

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