Well here we are in the New Year and I am really looking forward to 2011.

Being in Johannesburg over the Christmas period is really nice because it’s very quiet and most of the people have gone to the coast for their holidays.

I use this time to plan ahead and to create new training material. This year I will be training WSI consultants throughout the world on the advanced digital media training which was introduced last year.

Dubai Digital One Summit

At the moment I’m preparing for my trip to Dubai where I will be presenting at the Digital One Summit on the 10th of February. Following that I will do two days Digital marketing training with the WSI Internet consultants from that area.

Topics that I will cover are:

•    Competitor analysis
•    Content blueprints
•    The 90 day consulting plan
•    Selling digital media
•    How to use the iPad as a consultant
•    Your own customized WSI Internet consultants marketing plan.

The Digital One Summit will have a number of speakers covering all topics to do with digital marketing and social media marketing. I have been invited to present on social media.

Social media is definitely a hot topic and as an Internet marketing consultant I often get asked the following questions:

•    How do I know if social media work for my business?
•    How can I use social media to help my business?

If you attend the Dubai Digital One Summit sponsored by WSI, you will get the answers to these questions and a whole lot more.

My presentation “Implementing a Social Media Campaign” is ideal for business owners and anyone responsible for marketing their company brand, products or services. I will give you examples of the types of campaigns any business can implement whether they are large or small.

By attending my presentation you will leave knowing the following important points that are critical to the success of any social media campaign.

•    How to tell if you need social media?
•    Your personal social media readiness
•    Your organization’s social media readiness
•    Choosing the right social media strategy
•    Selecting your social media technology
•    The social media training process
•    Developing your 90-day social media campaigns
•    Mapping your social media calendar & campaign
•    Monitoring your online reputation
•    Measuring your social media campaigns

Most marketers learn through their own research, webinars or even trial and error.

Attend this presentation and leave full of confidence knowing that you have an understanding of what is required to implement your social media marketing strategy for almost any business.

See you soon at the WSI Digital One Summit in February.