After you’ve completed your LinkedIn profile, filled out your career history, optimised your profile for relevant search terms and joined a few groups, it’s time to start making connections on this platform. More connections mean the content you share on LinkedIn will be seen by more people, contributing to brand awareness and social influence.

Rather than sending out the generic “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn”, personalise the message and make it compelling. One way to avoid accidentally sending out the generic mail is to always open up a person’s profile and click on the ‘connect’ button on their profile page (which will give you the opportunity to type your own message). If you’re searching for a person in between other search results, the connect button is displayed beside the profile pictures of everyone with the same name and clicking on the connect button in the search results automatically sends out the default message.

You only have 300 characters in this message so you have to keep it brief. Start by introducing yourself and telling the person why you want to connect with them. Tell them how they will benefit from connecting with you on LinkedIn (for example, you could say that you will be posting content which can help them with their business or opportunities that might be advantageous to their careers).

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