The reason that experts in the world of digital marketing are so crazy about good content is that it is an excellent investment. Although it takes time and effort to create quality copy, the return on investment is high as it:

  • draws in parties interested in your product or service,
  • gives your business a sense of authority,
  • creates trust and establishes a foundation for a relationship,
  • can be used to grow an e-mail list,
  • is recyclable.

The trick is, your superbly written articles, whitepapers, and blogs must be read and sent on for your outlay to pay off. Let us take a look at ways to get your content shared.

Five Ways to Get Your Content Distributed 

  1. An irresistible title is the first step. Look at all the unread emails in your inbox, and think about why you opened those you did, and why the others are unopened. Chances are, the subject lines of the pending mails seemed “meh”.
  2. Action in the first paragraph is essential if you want your readers to pay attention to the last. Give a compelling reason why they should exchange precious time for what you want to share with them Share the benefits to them rather than an introduction about your company or yourself.
  3. Easy sharing is your responsibility. Ensure that you have sharing icons and links set up to encourage your readers to spread the word. Include pinnable images that include your logo and/or website address.
  4. Optimise your writing for Google to increase organic traffic. Pay attention to your heading, title, description, and content, but in a natural way.
  5. Monitor the response so that you can learn from every campaign.

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