With the new Facebook Fan page layout that was introduced earlier this year, it has been made it so easy for people and other businesses to keep a close eye on what their competitors are doing on this social networking giant. When visiting a business fan page, there is a section at the top that shows the number of “likes” the fan page has. If you click on ┬áthe “likes”, you will see some statistics and insights that are related to that page. What can you learn from that? Can those statistics give you an insight on what your competitors are doing? Here’s a couple of insights you can get from viewing the insights page.

  • You can view the number of people who are interacting with the fan page
  • Information such as age groups, popular weeks, most visited week, etc

If you look around the insights section, you will see a few issues that your competitors are considering as important. For example, you can create sticky content that is pinned to the top of the page. You can also mark important posts. These will become prominent content items on the fan page, and you can also view how they are using custom pages.

Learn from your competitors

I don’t recommend that you copy directly what your competitors are doing, but what might work for them, might work for you as well. Knowing how your competitors are busy doing things, what they consider as important, and how their network interacts with them, can greatly help you make better use and streamline your own content on Facebook. Knowing what your competition is busy doing in the market is very important if you want to succeed with your social media marketing campaign. The social web has made it quite easy to collect data – review the data and make sense on how you can benefit from it.

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