Why are many businesses failing with their social media marketing campaigns? In my opinion, social media marketing is very important, but many businesses are still failing to get it right. One of the main reasons businesses are failing with their social media campaign is because they don’t have the right person or team to use their selected social media channels at a personal level.

In all essence, people don’t like to interact with a logo, personality less social media page or an auto responder. This isn’t difficult to understand, but there are many businesses on t he social web getting it wrong. If your business is not transparent online, and not looking real then they are going to fail most¬†definitely¬†with their social media campaign before they start. Find below a couple of tips that can help you get on the right track with your social media campaign.

Being transparent

Who is the leader of your social media campaign? This can be the business owner, marketing department, employee or even a dedicated team. The important thing is that the audience you are trying to reach much know who they are dealing with. Without being transparent, your business will never be able to develop trust and relationships with your audience.

Your Twitter profile

@z123abc is not very personal. Your business name and other information about your business should be in your bio, but you must always try to include your business name in your Twitter profile name. Use a picture of a real person because other people want to talk to real people and not to the logo of @z123abc.

Facebook fans

Customize your profile and Time picture that represents the image of your business. If you have more than one person managing your Facebook fan page, use your real name so that people on your fan page will know who they are engaging with. You can adjust the settings of your fan page to display the owners of the fan page. Also, never be afraid to add more customization to your fan page, by adjusting the pages on your fan page. There are many tools on Facebook that can help you with this.

The tips above may be small, but they can make quite a big difference towards creating a trusted brand that people will want to engage with and trust.