Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your online community. Here are a few tips to get professional results from your Facebook Live posts:

  • Plan Your Content

You will need a simple structure of everything you want to cover in your live stream. Your structure will have a hook, which is what you will say before the introduction (it is the thing that hooks your viewer to stick around for your live stream). Your introduction will touch on the things you want to cover in your video. After you have delivered the content, be sure to have a recap to summarise everything that you have said and a call to action, which is the next step you want your viewers to take after watching your Facebook Live stream.

  • Pick A Location

You want to pick a location that matches the videos you are creating. Choose a place that is quiet and out of the way because you do not want to be distracted or interrupted while you are filming.

  • Check Your Internet Connection

At the very least, you need to have an understanding of how good or how bad your internet connection is. Go to Speedtest.net and run a speed test for the internet connection that you are connected to. The most important thing to look for is that your internet is stable as well as the upload speed.

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