Whether your eBook is 10 pages or 100 pages long, you undoubtedly spent multiple hours writing, editing and polishing it to get it perfect. If you have already published your eBook on your website or even an online marketplace like Amazon, you need to make sure that you are continuously driving people to your download or ‘buy now’ landing page. Here are a few tips to market your eBook like a pro:

PPC Marketing

If your initial downloads have started to wane, it is time to bring in the big guns. A paid Google advertising campaign is one of the most effective ways to boost your content’s visibility.

The reason why PPC is a great way to market an eBook is that you are giving away free advice. Instead of linking to a product page or a sales pitch, a Google user will see that you are providing educational content. When it is time to buy, they will remember where they got the advice that helped them solve a problem.

Guest Blog

Reach out to industry news sites and other platforms that your potential customers visit. Write guest posts related to your field of expertise and use your eBook as a call to action. Instead of telling people they should contact you when they are ready to buy, the approach of giving them more information for free will help you build a relationship with them. Be sure to ask for email addresses so that you can keep in touch with people who download your eBook.

Email Marketing

If you have already let your existing clients know that they can download your eBook, then you need to expand your reach. Gather contact details of people you meet at industry events and people who contact you with queries so that you can send them a series of emails with links to your eBook.

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