A detailed website evaluation/analysis will give you important and usability information factors of your website.  An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) evaluation measures a website’s ability to get traffic from search engines.  In simpler terms, it measures how easy it is to find your website on the internet and how user friendly it is to your visitors.

Find a couple of points below that you can use to evaluate your website.

First impression

  • Did the page load quickly?
  • Images optimized for fast loading?
  • Flash optimized for fast loading?
  • No automatically starting audio?
  • Industry appropriate look and feel to site.
  • Clear call to action on home page?
  • Clear understandable layout for first time visitors?
  • No use of pop-up windows?

Navigation / Links

  • Site wide uniform backbone?
  • In a logical flow?
  • Do link names match page names?
  • Clearly understandable names?
  • Check for broken links
  • Site wide search?
  • Returning visitors see change in hyperlink color
  • Breadcrumb navigation on larger sites
  • Logo link to home page?
  • Backbone navigation at the bottom of each page?


  • Is information presented clearly?
  • Inverted pyramid writing style? Start with conclusion.
  • Visitor focused rather than on company?
  • Solves a need?
  • Text easy to scan?
  • Written in active not passive words.
  • Check for misspelled words.
  • Forms designed for easy entry
  • Not using PDF’s for content (OK for manuals and ebooks)


  • Adjustable font sizes (for people with poor eyesight).
  • Descriptive ALT text in images (blind users)
  • HTML validation (W3C)
  • Browser test all major browsers
  • Site map present
  • Provide redundant text links for image links or image maps

Security / Trust

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use
  • Refund policy
  • Testimonials
  • FAQ / Sales support
  • Digital certificate / data security
  • Copyright statement on every page?
  • Well written “about us” page
  • Address and phone number on contact page
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