So you’ve gone through the effort to create a content marketing plan and you’ve dedicated a few hours each week to blogging. You press ‘publish’ on your content management system…and then you wait. After a few days, you realise only ten people clicked on your blog post. What are you doing wrong?

In order to make sure as many people as possible read your blogs, you need to distribute them properly. Few blogs simply “go viral” by themselves (unless you’ve got a huge blog that thousands of people subscribe to). Here are a few places you can distribute your content online:

Blogger communities

There are a few blogger networks that have regular bloggers who not only read each other’s blog posts, but are willing to share worthwhile content for you. Two great examples are Triberr and Social Buzz Club. Make sure you’re not only writing self-promotional content but actually giving people high quality, interesting advice.

Social media

If you’ve got a blog, you better have a Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ account as well. Share the blog on all of these social media platforms (with Twitter, you can even create a few different tweets that link to the blog). Also ask your employees, clients and friends to share the content for you.

E-mail list

Don’t send out a link to a blog post about new hires to your list of clients. Make sure you carefully segment your e-mail database into groups so you only send relevant people links to blog posts which will appeal to them.

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