This week I will be presenting a number of Digital Media Training sessions with other trainers at WSI’s headquarters in Toronto. It is going to be an action packed week for the new intake of WSI Franchisees  from all over the world and I look forward to meeting them.

I remember quite clearly when I did my initial training in November 2003. I was excited about starting my new venture as I had just come out of the corporate world in South Africa. It has been hard work till now but it has all paid off. My business is doing well and we are fortunate enough to be in an industry that is changing and growing rapidly.

I really enjoy the continuous learning that this business offers as it keeps my job interesting and by being part of the WSI network I get the opportunity to meet other successful Internet Consultants and attend training sessions by them. That is the real value of investing into this WSI franchise.

This week the Digital Marketing training sessions will cover solutions that WSI Internet Consultants can offer their clients and they are categorized in 3 parts:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Online Credibility
  3. Client/Prospect Communication

These are the 3 things that every business needs and especially so if their competitors are online.

In Lead Generation we cover:

  • Paid search marketing
  • Organic Search, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media marketing
  • Content marketing

In Online Credibility we cover:

  • A professional “About Us” page
  • Social media profiles every business should engage in
  • Blogging to demonstrate “thought leadership” and develop credibility
  • Preparing your Google “CV”
  • Content Marketing that creates an asset out of your website

In Client/Prospect Communication we cover:

  • Email marketing so that you can stay in “touch” and “Top of Mind”
  • Blogging as an alternative to distributing news
  • Building your database list using whitepaper marketing

This is what we will cover in the first 5 days, so if you are a new WSI Franchisee you are in for a good learning session this week. Then on the weekend the Internet Consultants will attend a two day sales training workshop from Marvin Himel. Marvin has been instrumental in developing the sales process for all new WSI Franchisees.

At the moment I am in transit in Frankfurt Airport after a 10 hour flight so what better way to pass the time than by writing this blog post.

The objective of this blog post is to demonstrate how quickly one can get indexed in Google for specific and relevant keywords.

In this post we are targeting “Digital Marketing training in Toronto” as the “Long Tail” phrase. Our blog posts normally rank very well and quite quickly and although I am writing this using Windows Live Writer (offline) I will only post 1 hour before we do the blogging session.

I hope that this blog post will be picked up by Google and indexed and presented on the 1st page to prove the power of blogging.

Well that’s it for this digital media training in Toronto blog post and we hope to get a page one ranking within an hour of posting.

Kind regards


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