It was a hard week for me as I presented 2 days training in Monterrey City and 2 days in Mexico City.
We had 65 WSI Internet Marketing Consultants (ICs) attend and I did the training without an interpreter. It went really well with everyone being happy that they could understand my English and South African accent.
I love visiting Mexico as they always make Marianna & I feel so welcome. From the moment we arrive, they fetch us from the airport, take us touring and shopping. Then in the evenings we go out to a great local restaurant.
Here is the group photo of the ICs.

Internet consultants from Mexico City

Posing after 2 days of hectic training

The Mexican people are so thoughtful and here we have Carlos Guzman (Area Representative) presenting me with a gift.

Cralos Guzman presenting gift to Francois Muscat

2 day Digital Marketing training

Marianna & I are truly blessed to be able to have these great experiences all over the world.


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