Running a successful ecommerce website is hard work. Many people underestimate the time and planning that goes into launching a good online store.

Our website developers have designed many ecommerce sites and come up with a list of vital services that you need to offer website visitors in order to convert them into buyers. These things include the following:

Trust signals

If you’re asking for money online, then you need to be trustworthy. Even if you’ve got the niftiest products or the latest shipment that can’t be find in a brick and mortar store, people will be weary of parting with their cash if they think there’s a chance they won’t receive their goods. Some trust signals you should incorporate into your website include testimonials and reviews from past clients, a money back guarantee and social proof. Social proof can be established by your social media marketing team who interact with customers online.

Clear payment processes

Once your potential buyers trust you enough to buy from you, you need to make it easy enough for them to complete the process. Make sure the payment instructions are clear, the page loading times are short and that different payment methods are available. A good rule of thumb is allow website visitors to use EFT (electronic fund transfers), credit cards and eWallet options, such as PayPal, to complete the payment process.

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