Make the holiday season truly picture perfect by approaching digital marketing, and Instagram in particular, with a carefully planned strategy in mind. Social media marketing can make all the difference when it comes to boosting that bottom line leading up to Christmas. Here is how to get it right:

  • Rope In An Influencer 

It is the easiest way to get extra attention when you need it most. Not only will an influencer help to increase brand awareness, but they will also have an effect on the overall reputation of your brand. Instagram is a wonderful platform to use to make the most of influencer digital marketing – it’s all about the visual, after all.

  • Christmas With A Cause 

Giving back over the festive season feels amazing, and it can also help to encourage people to buy your products or make use of your services. Talk about the best of both worlds! Decide which cause you would like to help this year and document your efforts using Instagram.

  • Offer Discounts 

People feel obliged to spend money over the holiday season. It is a time for giving gifts and spreading joy. Why not spread some joy yourself by offering eager shoppers a discount or two? Seeing as though discounts are likely to generate substantially more traffic and conversions, you will likely still make a pretty sizeable profit.

  • Embrace The Season 

Update your CI and Instagram posts with a Christmas-y look and feel. If you embrace the season, your followers are likely to be more drawn to your brand – and more likely to buy from you, of course.

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