Every prudent, forward-thinking business owner understands the importance of an aggressive digital marketing strategy by now. We often forget, however, that a healthy and truly productive online presence involves more than just the marketing material we put out there.

Think about it: When looking to purchase a product or service, the first thing most people do is go online and find out more about what’s available out there. Now, with a good, user-friendly website and digital marketing strategy, most businesses have that covered. However, once they’ve decided on a make or model and have a pretty good idea of the costs involved, they start looking for reviews and there’s nothing like a few good reviews to tip the scales in your favour.
Still, getting even your most loyal customers to review your business or product online can be extremely challenging.

Here are two not-so-obvious tips to get you started:

  1. Let them know you care: When you ask your customers to review your business, let them know that you’re not just after good reviews. If they know that you take what they say about you seriously, whether it be good or bad, they are more likely to give a positive review anyway because they feel that they matter. Furthermore, if they had reported on a bad experience before and you resolved the problem, you’re probably in for a really nice public ‘thank you’.
  2. Don’t push under 30s too far. Asking under 30s for a review has no place in a digital marketing strategy. Just inform them that you have Facebook, Twitter or any other accounts and engage them in this way. Remember, many under 30s post statuses several times a day as a matter of course, so they will probably comment on their experience of your product/service in any case.

Good reviews have been the deciding factor in many purchases, so remember to include inspiring online reviews in your digital marketing campaign.  Contact WSI today for more great insights!

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