This is my 4th day in the UK and I am in my second day of training WSI Internet Consultants on Digital Marketing brand strategies here in Birmingham.

The training covers digital marketing brand strategies and local media websites. One of the key findings we uncovered is that Public relations companies need to move their businesses online. I have come across a number of Public relations companies recently who have asked me how they can integrate blogging into their services mix.

This post is really just a test to see if we can get indexed by Google within a couple of hours for the keywords : Digital Marketing brand strategies, Birmingham, West Midlands.

I will publish this post live around 08h45 and we will see how many visitors get to the blog withing two minutes.

Then the crunch time is when we do a search for our post title to see if we get a first page ranking for these terms.

I will let you know what happens, as this is always an interesting exercise as it opens our minds to other search engine marketing techniques.

The first thing I do is explain blogging and sometimes I have to answer the question, ” what is blogging?”

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