Digital Advertising Trends

2019 – The dawn of a new and exciting year. And there is no better time to reflect on the trends that we expect to define the digital advertising landscape.

A New Voice

Voice-enabled search is expected to be the next big thing in marketing. In fact, some analysts say they think that by 2020 almost as much as 50 percent of all searches will be made by voice. This means that as marketers we will have to:

Understand what their audience’s communication preferences are, and

Then use that knowledge when creating content.

Artificial Intelligence

Marketing has become more data-driven, which means that the demand for data-processing systems is increasing. Marketers of the future will have to learn to rely on AI systems for the following:

To enhance trend analysis,

To improve customer profiling, and

To develop personalised strategies.

Reality Reigns

The very exciting mediums of augmented and virtual reality will be likely to dominate the marketing scene on various fronts, including:


AR and VR offer a unique opportunity to create interesting shopping experiences for customers.


For marketers, AR and VR offer a unique way to not only engage with their users, but to also connect potential customers with products and services.

Power Of Video

Thanks to the popularity of platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc., it has been predicted that video will account for around 80% of all Internet traffic by the end of 2019. Video advertising has already started to follow this trend, with adverts running before, after and even in the middle of videos hosted on these services. To maximise this kind of advertising, wise marketers will implement the following strategies:

Work closer with content creators,

Utilise influencers,

Optimise their content for mobile viewing, and

Integrate shareable video content into websites and social pages for maximum exposure.

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