A decade ago, the idea of including keywords in content and headings was a novel idea. Today, many people are still overusing keywords, which can actually damage their search engine results.

If you search for something on Google, you will find that there will be many results on the first page that don’t exactly match the keyword set that you typed into the search bar. This shows that Google is very advanced in connecting topics and keywords, as well as determining what type of quality content should be presented to search engine users.

There are a few considerations that need to be kept in mind:

  • Search Result Snippet

The first one is the search result snippet itself. You need to look at the snippet and confirm whether it is informative and useful. It also needs to be perceived as relevant and trustworthy by searchers.

  • Keyword Analysis Algorithm

The keyword analysis algorithm also needs to be considered. If the keyword phrase is a question and your content is an answer to that exact question, then you should use the entire phrase as the heading of your article.

  • Topic Modelling

Another thing that Google looks at is topic modelling. If you are writing about pizza, for example, then the words ‘toppings’, ‘dough’ and ‘delivery’ are likely to appear in your copy.

As SEO consultants, we’ve gone from looking at the optimal number of keyword repetitions to taking a more holistic view of how we structure content. Your first and foremost concern should always be writing high-quality, educational content, and then including keywords where it makes sense.

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