Copywriting is a very broad term and many people are unaware of the various disciplines that need to be understood when looking at a career in copywriting. Being able to focus on and employ these disciplines is crucial if you want a broad and varied client base.

5 examples of copywriting disciplines

  • Marketing Copywriting is about creating brand awareness and it is a basic skill that should be mastered. It is needed in advertising and media agencies as well as companies who are looking to hire in-house copywriters.
  • Sales Copywriting requires the usual skills and abilities of a copywriter, but is focused mainly at getting the reader to perform an action after reading the copy. One should have experience within a sales environment to write effective sales copy.
  • Creative Copywriting involves employing creative concepts to produce catchy headlines for marketing, banners, billboards etc.
  • SEO Copywriting focuses on making an article search engine friendly in order to optimize search results. Correct formats and keywords are important for the search engines as well as making the articles informative and interesting for readers.
  • Website Copywriting often involves extensive interviews and sales copy to create a well-written website (especially if you need to write the website from scratch). This type of copywriting can often include blogging as well.
  • Content Writing is aimed at informing the reader about a particular subject. Articles should be interesting and appealing, such as How To guides.
  • Technical Copywriting is used when informing readers of a very particular technical subject. It is aimed at making specialised fields understandable to the ‘Average Joe’ and should be informative but easy to read.

Understanding these disciplines will help provide a better foundation for a career in copywriting and improve your overall skills as a writer. Need help with your copywriting? Contact WSI South Africa.

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